Low Carbon Champions CIC is an action research project sponsored by Neutral Territory with guidance from the World Land Trust and intern resources from the University of East Anglia in Norwich.aboutpage

The first cohort of companies was inducted, and success in lowering their carbon
emissions was seen by every single one of them. The programme was originally based on the earlier Suffolk Low Carbon Champions programme. We’ve made a few differences; these companies should be getting help from existing Champions and the community at large, in order to help with and answer everyone’s questions. The cumulative knowledge of all of us if as effective, if not more, than any one expert consultant.

Everyone has something to offer, so answer questions, comment on blog posts and get involved on the forum where there is always something being talked about. Any input is more than welcome and if people agree with you they can vote and give points to your answers and comments. We’re trying to make reducing your emissions Fun, as that’s the message we want to instill into the world moving forward.

Don’t write your answers in a word document hidden away in a folder labelled “no one will ever see this”, come here and put them on the site. We look forward to talking with you!